Android Developer

London, England, United Kingdom · Tech


We are looking for an Android developer to improve our small agile product team. You will be an integral part of building projects and products at Florence, and will be working closely together with designers and other developers on a daily basis.



At Florence the product team is split into two groups: shapers and builders. You would be part of the builder group. Builders are developers and designers that are assigned project briefs to complete in six-week cycles (in which four weeks are the actual build sprints).

Project briefs are very high level and mostly cover things like how much time the project is allowed to take, what not to do, possible rabbit holes to avoid, and it also includes some high level breadboards and rough sketches for clarification.

Project briefs do not include technical instructions, wireframes or anything else that detracts from your creativity or domain knowledge. You are expected to operate within the boundaries of a project brief with full creative control.

Most of your days would be spent working closely with your team to build scopes, work on tasks and figure out product solutions based on the project briefs. We use Zeplin for design asset handovers and Basecamp for project management, but outside of those platforms you can use whatever tools you want to get the job done.


Florence is a user-first and data-driven tech startup. Our user base presents unique challenges and the product team is structured in a way that respects the skills of the talented people working here.

Our baseline is to trust you. You need a few days off to decompress? Go for it. You work best between 1pm-6pm? Those are now your office hours. Not getting much done in the office? Stay home. As long as your work is delivered on time and to a high standard, no one cares how it's done. Consider your teammates and make sure we're getting the best version of you, and you'll fit right in.

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